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to this new effort for the promotion and presentation of Naxos, one of the most beautiful islands of Greece and Cyclades.

This project is crafted and based on our love and respect for the place of our origin.

Let us Introduce you the island of Ariadne, Apollo and Dionysus and reveal its unique attractions and beauty

Discover the amazing beaches with , its culture and history, the traditional local products and the hospitality of its people

Enjoy Naxos!!!

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› Cultural Events
European Music Day arrived in Naxos in 2011 and it has already become a “must” event in the calendar. It takes place in the pedestrian street of Halki the 20th and 21st of June.
› Cultural Events
Following the previous two very successful events, the Federation of Naxian Associations has organized this year, on August 9th, a really special night titled “In the light of the Aegean Sea” (Naxian poets meet the Aegean song).
this is naxos magazine

Naxos - Products

παραδοσιακά - βιολογικά προϊόντα πτης Νάξου

Naxos is undoubtedly the most fertile island of Cyclades and its products are famous for their variety and quality. The island is so self-sufficient that is completely understantable why local people characterize it as a blessed land.

εικονίδιο για τις παραλίες στην Νάξο

Naxos Beaches

Οι παραλίες στην Νάξο

Naxos has the longest accessible coastline among the Cyclades islands, with beautiful sandy beaches and crystal clear waters.

Visitors may find well-organized beaches, as well as, more serene and picturesque coasts. Enjoy peaceful and magic moments either with friends or family.

Οδηγός αγοράς για την Νάξο

Naxos Market

Οι παραλίες στην Νάξο

This section provides a guide to Naxos local businesses. The guide includes the best among the professionals of each sector and is updated and maintained on a regular basis.

Προτάσεις για διακοπές στην Νάξο


Οι παραλίες στην Νάξο

….whether for short or long-term vacations. In this section you may find useful and carefully selected suggestions about the main attractions, sites, beaches and routes, which you may wish to visit.

Naxos has so many to offer!!
Just have a look on all the beauties we suggest.