We would like to thank with all our heart the people who helped in our idea to become a reality and especially the above:
Evagelia Klouvatou for her valuable help, the family of Ioani Toubakari and especially Konstantino Toubakari for his significant contribution to the category “Exploration”, the photographic material and also for the articles of villages Kinidaros and Apeiranthos.
The Professor of Dance at the University of Physical Education of Athens, Mr Spiliako Stavro for his article “Music and Dance”, Mrs Georgantidi Basiliki for her article of “Architecture”, Mrs Sideri Katerina for the rich material and her support, Mrs Giamouri Katerina for her article of “Xalki- Tragaia”, Mrs Fragoudaki Katerina for her article “Citro Naxos Valindras”. Also Mrs Beroni Mina for her guide to the “Electric power Company”.
MrsTsakoniati Maria for her photographic material and to our first photo exhibition and also thanks to the Naxian photographers who participated, Mrs Tsabounari Eirini, Mrs Partsinebelou Thea, Mr Mathioulaki Kosta, Mrs Milona Katerina and Mrs Xaba Natali.
Mr Manoli Tselenti for the hospitality at his cheese-dairy (Miliotes) and for the particular presentation of the traditional way in making the traditional cheese of Naxos.
Finally we would like to thank all the professionals who are advertised to  and help us to the promotion of the island.
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