Exploration / Local Products

Mineral Wealth

The island with its mountains, has rich deposits in marble and emery. Products that have been and remain a major role in the life of Naxos.

Cheese making

Naxos is famous for its cheese as its climate offers a unique in taste and quality variety of cheese. The sunshine in almost all months of the year in combination with the saltiness of the sea, give to the cheese varieties an excellent flavour...

Production of alcohol drinks

The production of wine, raki and citron is a process that is a tradition on the island for many years and its residents pay particular attention to this.

Agricultural Products

Agriculture is one of the main economic resources of Naxos. Its products, famous throughout the country, you can try them wherever you will go.

Livestock farming

The island with its mountains and fertile plains gives to local people the chance to have an abundant production of meat.


In Naxos you will have the chance to enjoy fresh fish caught from fishing boats and trawlers that supply the restaurants of Chora and those located by the sea.


Sweets have a special place in the island’s gastronomy and you will meet a great variety of spoon sweets of local origin.


It is an activity that starts from antiquity and continues to exist until now on the island thanks to the land’s morphology in combination with its abundant flora that favour the honey production.
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