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Metropolis Site Museum

In the square of the Metropolitan Cathedral on the left side from the port you will meet the Metropolis Site Museum that owes its name to the place where it is located while it is considered to be the first one of this type in Greece.

Archaeological Museum of Naxos (in Chora)

It is located into the Castle of Chora next to the square of the Metropolitan Cathedral and it is a typical example of the Frankish architecture.

Byzantine Museum (in Chora)

It is housed in the only one preserved of the 12 towers of the Castle, which is called either Tower of Crispi or Glezos Tower from the names of its owners while its last ones give it as a gift to the state in order to become a museum.

Venetian Museum – Tower Della Rocca Barozzi

It is located at the entrance of the Castle of Chora next to the entrance of Trani Porta. It is a well-preserved tower that belongs to Karavias family.

Collection of Hellenic Currencies of Nikolas Moustakis (in Filoti)

In the main street of Filoti you will meet a well-tended place that houses the collection of currencies of Nikolas Moustakis.

Eccleciastical Byzantine Museum (in Chalki)

At a distance of 17km away from Chora, in the village of Chalki or also called Tragaia, next to the church of Virgin Mary Protothronos, which is an important Byzantine church dating back to the 9th or the 10th centuries.

Geological Museum (in Apeiranthos)

Walking on the main road of the village on your left hand you will meet this museum where it is also housed the primary school.

Natural Science Museum (in Apeiranthos)

You will find it entering to the village on your right. It operates since 1996 and it is divided into two sections.

Museum of Fine Arts (in Apeiranthos)

It is housed into the Cultural Center of the village and it includes works of art mainly from artists who come from Apeiranthos.

Archaeological museum (in Apeiranthos)

In the famous village of Apeiranthos you will find many museums. Among them there is also an archaeological one that operates since 1960 and houses finds of the Early Cycladic period, mostly statuettes and earthen pots.

Gyroulas Archaeological Museum

In the area of the archaic sanctuary of Gyroulas, dedicated to the goddess Demetra, which has been restored today, you will meet a special museum, awarded for its architecture and its harmony with the rest scenery.

Folk Art Museum (in Apeiranthos)

It is a very well tended museum that represents a typical traditional house in Apeiranthos.

Museum of Aegean Children’s Culture (in Apeiranthos)

It is one more museum that operates in the village of Apeiranthos. It is an original place, the exhibition of which has been taken care by the professor and painter Sofia Kastrisiou.
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