Exploration / Industrial Heritage

Cable railway

From 1926 to 1929 one of the biggest and most important public works of the interwar period was constructed, the cable railway, in order to facilitate the labour of the emery workers.

Distillery of M.G. Vallindras

On the island of Naxos, for at least three centuries, the cultivation of citron tree and the trade of its fruit was flourishing and it was being exported in large quantities.

Electric power Company

In the village of Kaloxylos, which is located in the wider area of Tragaia, you will meet an extraordinary building.

Oil presses

The olive tree and its cultivation appears in Cyclades and in Naxos since antiquity ( 2500 B.C.) but the majority of the olive trees belong to the age of the Venetian rule.


Watermills, exactly like windmills, are precious tools of the pre-industrial heritage of Naxos.


Cyclades are famous for their winds and Naxos is not an exception to the rule. Therefore, windmills that were taking advantage to the maximum of the wind power once used to flourish on the island.
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