Naxos or otherwise Axia is the largest island of the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea. The journey is 91 nautical miles and the area is 428 km2. It is located right in the centre of the Aegean Sea while it belongs to the eastern Cyclades. In the north of Naxos is Mykonos, in the east Donoussa, southeast is Amorgos, in the south is Ios and in the west Paros.

The male resident of Naxos is called Naxios or Naxiotis, Axiotis or Axotis (while the female one is respectively called Naxiotissa, Axiotissa or Axotissa). Boys are generally called “kopelia”, girls “kopeloudia” while little children are called “kopeloudakia”. The inhabitants of the mountainous Naxos (in the east) call each other “Anomerites” (Highlanders) while those in lowland (in the west) are called “Katomerites” (Lowlanders). There are also those living in Naxos town, Chora, that’s why they are called “Choraites”.
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