Exploration / Monuments

Byzantine Monuments

During the Byzantine period created an abundance of buildings that clearly demonstrates the way that people acted and gave a new impetus to the iconography and architecture.

Ottoman Rule Period

The Turkish presence was vague on the island under the threat of pirates, so the locals maintained a high degree of their identity and created remarkable buildings.

Prehistoric Sites

In this period belong very important creations of ancient people of Naxos that formed the history of the island and the wider Cycladic civilization.


Naxos is the only Greek island with so many towers who were built in the Venetian and the Ottoman Empire (1207-1821). You will find them mainly in the central part of the island.

Venetian Rule Period

The presence of the Venetians in Naxos was long and catalyst in the formation of island life. The Castle of Chora and other buildings are fine examples of this period.
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