Panagia (Virgin Mary) Protothronos

In Chalki there is also another example of the strong Byzantine presence on the island and particularly in the region of Tragaia. The exact date of the church’s construction is uncertain but it dates between the 9th and the 10th centuries. In the early Christian times it was a basilica church but after undergoing several changes it turned into a domed church. Its narthex belongs to the 11th century according to the experts.
It has a great deal of iconographies created between the 6th and the 13th centuries. The coats of its murals are often successively painted. The first coat (6th -7th centuries) represents the Apostles dressed in tunics where Agios Isidoros stands out due to his dark colours. The second coat has been removed.
Finally, the third coat (9th -10th centuries) located on the side parts of the church depicts the Annunciation, the Visit, and the presence of the Jesus Christ in the Church  and right opposite to them on the right there are traces Prophets. In this part of the church also belongs the arch of the sanctuary and a part of the dome which has been removed, though. There is also another coat ( probably of 11th century) representing the Pantocrator surrounded by saints, archangels and prophets. The last coat (13th century) depicts the Prayer and the Annunciation. The portable old icon of the Virgin Mary Protothronos is related to several legends and traditions. It is said that it was found at the beach of Mikri Vigla floating in the sea and that in some occasions it was transfered and placed into the water. The residents used to believe in its power and in its capacity to perform miracles.
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