Monastery of Fotodotis (Danakos)

Outside the village of Danakos in a northerly direction, after following a dirt road of about 1km, you will reach the famous monastery of Fotodotis. It impressively stands at an altitude of 500m with the horizon lying in front of it and an amazing view to the island of Donousa. A big plane tree shades marvellously its courtyard and the region around is full of oaks, figs and vineyards composing a beautiful and isolated setting, as well.
It is just another one tower-monastery with strong features of fortification. It was a Byzantine three-aisled basilica with a narthex that in the 16th century changed into a four-pillar domed church with a narthex while it was surrounded by a tower. Entering to the ground floor of the church you will need to go down a stair so as to reach the nave. The three-aisled church is divided by the narthex and the nave.
The dome is based on four marble pillars while the icon screen is also marble with elaborate sculptures. In the sanctuary there are three altars for each aisle respectively. There are mural paintings in the northern part of the narthex while in its southern part there is the entrance of the chapel. The main part of the church has two rooms, probably one of them was used as a crypt. 
There is an outside built ladder so as to get to the first floor. There you will see the Monastery and the storerooms. All around there are cells, toilets, embrasures and battlements. In the centre an atrium is formed where the dome stands out.
On the 6th of August the Monastery celebrates the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ and lots of visitors, mostly from the villages of Danakos and Filoti, grace it with their presence.
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