Glezos Tower/ Crispi

It is located into the Castle of Chora, a few metres after entering it through Trani Porta, on your left. It is the only one preserved from the 12 towers of the Medieval castle and what distinguishes it is its front circular shape.
Above the main entrance stands out the coat of arms of Joseph Barozzi (crown, feather, sword and medals) while the coat of arms of Crispi family ( 3 rhombuses, decorated with vine leaves) adorns the the interior door. Initially, it belonged to Crispi family, then to the Great Interpreter of Barozzi Sublime Porte and finally passed to Glezos family that decided to give it to the state in order to be housed there the Byzantine museum.
The inner part of the tower is really impressive as well as the view from the balcony that faces the sea, enabling the supervision of the whole Naxos town, Chora.
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