On the island of Naxos sports are an integral part of the residents’ life, which is proved beyond any shadow of doubt by the existence of a great number of active sports clubs, mainly in Chora, Apeiranthos and Filoti due to the fact that these villages have the necessary facilities. Of course, in many other smaller villages the energetic residents spend time in keeping fit through various activities.
The most popular sports are football, basketball, volleyball as well as track and field events. However, in the summertime water sports have great success, especially surfing. Fans of the wind can find here the appropriate ground for wind and kite surfing, especially on the beaches of Ag. Georgios and Mikri Vigla.
The last few years great sports events have been organized on Naxos Island, such as the Apollonian Race regarding track events as well as triathlon competitions in which lots of people take part. In those great events, we must also mention the Pan-Hellenic Beach Volley Contest (Master Cup) on Ag. Georgios beach, which has lots of spectators converting the beach into a sports festival and the island into a guardian of culture and sports.
The active sports clubs on the island are mentioned below:
Sports Club “Pan-Naxian Club of the Cyclades”
Naxos Sports Association
Sports and Cultural Association of Filoti “Zeus”
Sports Club “Asteras of Tragaia”
Koronida Sports Club
Sports Club “Naxos 2004”
Agersani Sports Club
Sports Club “Rebirth of Eggares”
Naxos Shooting Club
Naxian Gymnastics Club
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