3Day Trip

Welcome to the biggest & the most beautiful island of Cyclades. During the three days of your stay you can only have a small taste of this island’s beauty that will definitely make you come back soon.

5 Day Trip

Naxos is the island of god Apollo and Dionysus, a place full of legends and traditions, the pearl of Cyclades. A five-day stay in Naxos will give you the chance to visit many different places and enjoy its hospitality and its carefree way of life. So, the island is waiting for you!

7 Day Trip

The island of Ariadne gives you a warm welcome and it is the ideal destination for some unforgettable vacation. Very shortly the visitor will understand that the more days you stay on this island the more you realize that they are not enough. However, a week is enough time to visit lots of interesting places of Naxos and enjoy her beauty in a great extent. Besides, it is not by chance that everyone who visits this island once, comes back soon!


If you are planning to spend many days on the island of Naxos, it is worth visiting one of the remotest but still so special beaches of the island.


It is the remotest beach of the island at a distance of 54km away from the port, which makes it quite inaccessible. However, it is worth a visit, especially if you have a boat or a long stay on the island.
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