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Agios Georgios Diasoritis

It is another important example of Byzantine heritage located in the valley of Tragaia, which is fairly characterized as a Byzantine park thanks to its great deal of churches.

Panagia (Virgin Mary) Drosiani

After the village of Moni, driving to the village of Tragaia on your left, there is one of the most important monuments of the Byzantine History.

Monastery of Fotodotis (Danakos)

Outside the village of Danakos in a northerly direction, after following a dirt road of about 1km, you will reach the famous monastery of Fotodotis.

Panagia (Virgin Mary) Protothronos

In Chalki there is also another example of the strong Byzantine presence on the island and particularly in the region of Tragaia.

Holy Monastery of Agia

Following the path next to the famous tower you will meet the monastery of Agia at a distance of 300m. This old monastery consisted of a sanctuary and cells is located among abundant running waters and perennial plane trees.

Theoskepasti / Agios Mamas (Potamia)

In the region of Potamia into a verdant gorge you will meet this Byzantine chapel which is one of the oldest on the island. It dates from the middle of the 9th century and it is of an extraordinary architectural and archaeological interest.
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