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Castle of Chora

It is about a medieval construction that according to the local tradition was built in 1207 by the Duke of Naxos Marco Sanudo and which is constantly inhabited until nowadays. It is one of the fewest castles of Greece that had a constant presence of dwellers through the ages.

Catholic Cathedral

It is located inside the Castle of Chora and you will meet it in a square after the Byzantine Museum and close to the Ursuline School. It is a monument of a great history since it was built in the 13th century and until now it has undergone several changes.

Palace of Jesuits (Kalamitsia)

Reaching the village of Melanes you will meet a road sign mentioning the word “Kalamitsia” and at a distance of only just 2km, after following a passable dirt road, you will find an idyllic place where the palace of Jesuits dominates the area.

Upper Castle

Near the village of Potamia you will meet a path that leads to the Upper Castle. The route isn’t easy but you will realize that it is worth your time as soon as you get there.
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