Tower of Agia

On the way to Apollonas (6km before reaching the village) you will meet the Tower of Agia on your left hand, standing out with its fortifications. It is a really imposing building facing the sea and controlling the northern part of the island.

Glezos Tower/ Crispi

It is located into the Castle of Chora, a few metres after entering it through Trani Porta, on your left. It is the only one preserved from the 12 towers of the Medieval castle and what distinguishes it is its front circular shape.

Bazeos Tower

At a distance of 12km away from Chora, near the village of Sagri, Bazeos Tower or also called “Timios Stavros” (“Holy Cross”) is located.

Oskelos Tower

It is located on the coastal road near Kastraki, on your left. There is also a road sign to show you the way. It is one of the really few towers located by the sea.

Zevgolis Tower

On the main road of Apeiranthos, built on the hill, you will meet this impressive tower of the 17th century. Initially, it belonged to Kastri family and their coat of arms depicting a lion is on the lintel of the main entrance.

Papadakis Tower/ Markopolitis

In the region of Tragaia and particularly in the village of Akadimoi, you will meet a big tower constructed by Marcos Politis in 1776, evidenced by the coat of arms at its entrance.

Barozzi Tower/ Gratsia Fragopoulos

This tower is another important attraction of Chalki, located next to the church of Virgin Mary Protothronos.

Kalavros Tower/ Markopolitis

In the region of Tragaia, in the small village of Kerami, there is another tower built by the Orthodox local resident, Marcos Politis and not by the Venetian feudal lords.

Kokkos Tower

This tower is located in the verdant village of Potamia, built in the 17th century by the Orthodox Kokkos family who used to live there.

Grec Tower/ Fragopoulos Tower

You will find it in the village of Kourounochori and it is one of the oldest towers of the island which is still used as a residence and it is preserved in a very good condition.

Bardanis Tower

You will also find it in the village of Apeiranthos. Like the tower of Zevgolis, it is one of the few towers built in a place with high altitude.

Barozzi Tower/ Kiouras Tower

It is located in the village of Filoti. Despite being small in size, it has all the typical characteristics of the towers.

Palaiologos Tower/Barozzi

A few km out of the village of Sagri, one more tower has been preserved in a very good condition since it has been restored and it is still used as a residence.

Sanudo Tower

In the region of Melanes and particularly in the location called Kabones, it is located the tower of the Duke of Naxos, M. Sanudo with his name on an inscription situated on the building’s lintel.

Bellonia Tower/Somarippa

A few km after Galanado, in the direction of Kastraki, Bellonia Tower is located in a prominent position. It is one of the best-preserved, privately owned towers of the island, which belongs now to Michalis Maragkos.

Tower of Agioi Saranda

It is located in the village of Agidia, a few km away from Chora and it must have taken its name from the homonymous Byzantine church situated nearby.

Paratrechos Tower

Between the villages of Melanes and Agidia you will meet the valley of Paratrechos and the homonymous tower.

Tower of Agersani

In the homonymous village you will meet just another tower on which the time left its indelible mark since it is not in a good condition anymore.

Pradouna Tower

It is located in Eggares and particularly in a location called Lagkada, isolated from the village.

Raftopoulos Tower

It is also located in the village of Eggares and it was the residence of the Consul of Russia in Naxos, Chr. Raftopoulos.

Della Rocca Tower

This tower is also located in Potamia but unfortunately it has been abandoned. It once belonged to Della Rocca family that’s why it took this name and it was used as a residence.

Massena Tower

It is located in Ano Potamia (“Upper Potamia”) in the location of Tzarnidia.

Bageri Tower

In the Middle Potamia there is also another tower, which probably belonged to Grilandi family and it is a proof of the prosperous days that the village lived during the Venetian rule.
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