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Photo Exhibition about Berlin

The city of Berlin strongly attracts the visitor’s interest. It is a land of culture and long history with its own particular colour and character, making it nowadays a meeting point as well as a point of interaction among its visitors.

Elaia Arts Festival

“Elaia” Arts Festival took place for the first time this summer (24/7 until 4/8) in the traditional settlement of Kaloxylos.

People of the cities

Moments in several cities of the world. Moments of  modern people who live and become part of the urban landscape.

Exhibition of Fine Art and Technology

“Come to surprise you” was written on the invitation by the students from Tragaia- Xalki and this is actually what happened at this special exhibition of the secondary school of that village.

Digital photography exhibition presents the first digital photography exhibition with projects of amateur photographers from Naxos. One step further ... creative for us… essential for all.

People and colors of Isntanbul

The light, the colors, her people make a unique mosaic of contrasts that attracts and excites curiosity .... What is the human-environment interaction and how this is reflected in the image?

Photographers of Naxos honor to Antoni Mathiaso

Moments of sensitivity and might, snapshots of life immobilized in absolute time. The photos by Antony Mathiaso captured us with their immediacy.
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