Archaeological museum (in Apeiranthos)

In the famous village of Apeiranthos you will find many museums. Among them there is also an archaeological one that operates since 1960 and houses finds of the Early Cycladic period, mostly statuettes and earthen pots.
Most of the exhibits come from different regions of Naxos and mainly from the eastern part of the island which were brought to light by farmers who gave them away to the museum. Among the exhibits, there are several plates depicting moments from the everyday life of the ancient people which had a pagan character and they were dedicated to the gods seeking for their favour and good luck. A remarkable one represents some hunters dancing probably after their success or while they are attacking on quarries.
However, the most important exhibits of the museum are the dark coloured mable slabs with striking decorations, which are of great significance due to their rareness,  coming from the Korphi t’ Aroniou, a sanctuary located in the southeastern part of Naxos.

The museum operates daily, except for Monday from 8:30 to 14:30. Entrance fee: 3€. Contact number: 22850 24150.
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