In the northern part of the island, in the direction of Apollonas, at a distance of 6km from Chora you will meet this beautiful village located on the hill shortly before the valley of Eggares. It is a picturesque village with narrow streets and whitened houses, each one with its own garden. Its about 200 permanent residents are mainly farmers since the valley that spreads in front of the village offers them the chance  to cultivate vineyards and several kinds of fruit trees and vegetables. The village is full of young people and children, too. In its centre you can find a square, a small cafιand two traditional restaurants.
Its active residents organize two big feasts during the summer. The first one on 15th August in the honour of Virgin Mary and the other on 29th August to celebrate Agios Ioannis Nisteftis (Saint John the Faster). In case you are there during the carnival period, you will have the chance to admire the dancing custom of “foustanelades” or “kordelatoi” which has been preserved for so many years. Also during Easter the visitor can see the impressive Epitaph’s procession. As you can understand Ahapsi, the other name of the village, still keeps alive its customs and traditions so it is really worth being present in any of these representations during your stay.
Finally, at a short distance from the village it is located the Monastery of Ypsiloteras that was built in 1660 by an Orthodox resident, Iakovos Kokkos. Thanks to its particular architecture it is considered one of the most important castle-monasteries of the island. Characteristic features of this monument are the circular tower on the southwest side along with the nave, dedicated to the Virgin Mary Ypsilotera. The Tower of Ypsilis is private but open to the public with an entance fee of 3, 5€.
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