It is 6km from Chora situated on a hill in the southwestern part of the island and with an amphitheatrical view just like Galanado. It has about 500 permanent residents who mainly deal with agriculture (cultivation of potato) and livestock farming. The cultivation of potato is indissolubly related to the the history of the village. All around the settlement there are many new houses with an astonishing view to the sea thanks to the village’s perfect location. That’s why it is considered to be the balcony of Naxos!
Entering to the village you will see the church of Agios Nikodimos which is celebrated on 13th and 14th July with a big feast. On 5th and 6th August the residents organize also another feast in the honour of the Christ. You can have a real fun in the island’s traditional way. If you are there when the sun goes down, enjoy the spectacular scenery from the chapel of Tzanakos or the mill of Gareglas.
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