It is a small traditional village located in the valley of Tragaia among crops and olive trees. It is 16km far from Chora and it has about 550 residents who mainly deal with agriculture and livestock farming.
It is particularly famous for its hospitality which can be easily verified if you walk on its narrow streets and discuss with the local people who are really friendly and willing to show their traditional values and customs to the visitor. On 6th August the village celebrates the Transfiguration of Jesus and in the honour of the homonymous church a 2-day feast with lots of people takes place. The village is an attraction by itself with its narrow streets, the traditional shelters, the small cafιs, the high plane tree in the central square and the old mansions.
 You will also meet the bust of Ioannis Paparrigopoulos, one of the members of “Society of Friends” (a Greek Union established to help the Revolution of 1821), the monument dedicated to Damarionas residents who died in our national wars and the building of the village’s Spiritual Center. The region is also dotted with lots of little churches. It is worth visiting the Kaloritsa one, an old Christian little church built in a cave on the mountain of Agios Ilias.
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