It is a mountain village at a distance of 25km far from Chora with luxuriant vegetation as it is built between two mountain slopes. There are two versions concerning the origin of the village’s name. The first one says that Danaoi were its first residents and the other claims that the village owes its name to the canes (danax in ancient Greek) which grow in abundance in the area.
That explains why local people deal with manufacturing objects from cane in a great extent. They also deal with the construction of stone buildings in which they are considered to be one of the best and most famous of the island. Agriculture and livestock farming are also developed in the village since all residents have their own kitchen gardens with automatic water machineries. Besides, the village has plenty of water which is obvious from the existence of seven watermills. Unfortunately, none of them works anywore.
In the spring of the village the visitor can see an enormous plane tree whose shade composes an oasis during the summer. The whole place is ideal for relaxation.
The last few years the active residents organize in the summertime a music festival with many Greek known artists that has a great success. The village is also related to the name of Lord Byron that he is rumoured to have lived there for a few years.
Near the village it is located the famous Monastery of Christ Fotodotis, one of the most imposing castle-monasteries of Naxos with an amazing view to the nearby islands. It stands out from the others thanks to its particular architecture and it is in a perfect match with the natural environment. It is undoubtedly considered one of the island’s ornaments.
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