In the northern part of the island and at a distance of 7km from Chora you will meet the village of Eggares located in the homonymous verdant plain. Nikos Kazantzakis call it as a “earthly paradise” in his book “Report to El Greco” as he spent there all of his summers as long as he stayed in Naxos.
Its residents who are about 200 mainly deal with agriculture and livestock farming since the plain offers a great deal of choices for farmers.
Entering to the village dominates the church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary and next to it there is a stone square where local children, kopelakia as they are typically called in Naxos, usually play with each other. In the village there are traditional cafιs and two restaurants with delicious home-made food as well as a few rooms to let. The visitors can see the two restored oil presses and the old marble bridge with its two arches.
In the interior neighbour of the village along the river there are some watermills in a good condition. Finally, next to the plain it is located the cove of Amitis which is a long sandy beach whose waves offer pleasure and excitement to water sports fans.
The village’s customs revive during the carnival period with the dancing traditional event of “foustanelades” and during Easter with “perifanes” (tied canes that set on fire) on the Epitaph’s Day and “maskoula” (improvised squibs) which are indissolubly associated with all the Easter’s celebrations. During the summer, in the middle of August, a big festival takes place in the village’s primary school and all residents paint the town red until dawn.
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