This village belongs to the wide region of Tragaia at a distance of 14km far from Chora located in the verdant plain that spreads all over. It is a lively small village with lots of children running free in its narrow streets.
Relax observing the houses with their lovely gardens and their small courtyards while your look will be captured by the view of the Tower of Markopolitis. This impressive in architecture and size tower was built in 18th century by an Orthodox local resident and not by the Venetian conquerors. It is a museum that is often used as an art gallery. Nowadays it belongs to K. Kalavros who is always willing to show round the place to the visitors. In the centre of the village it is located the church of Agios Taksiarchis and all around it there are many cafιs that generously offer original traditional snacks to the visitor.
Finally, it is worth visiting the two byzantine churches of Agios Ioannis and Agioi Apostoloi. 
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