It is one of the most beautiful and still traditional mountain villages of Naxos, at a distance of 25km far from Chora. It is located between the mountains named Koronos and Bouno (meaning “mountain”), plunged into the rich vegetation, which is a quite rare phenomenon in Cyclades. Moreover, the village has  plenty of water and a marvellous waterfall visible even in the summertime. There are also two abandoned watermills that once used to play a vital role in the village’s economy along with the mineral of emery.
Today the really few permanent residents deal with agriculture and livestock farming. However, the village is renowned for its honey and wine. The village’s structure doesn’t permit the entrance of cars maintaining its image even more authentic and untouched from tourism. A little bit further from the square, “platsa” as it is typically called by the locals, there is a tiny traditional cafιso as to drink or eat something and get to know its really hospitable residents.
In the courtyard of the village΄s church there is a Folk Art Museum while during the summer the residents organize one of the most beautiful and traditional feasts of the island in the honour of a religious celebration (the worship of the Holy Cross). It is about a feast with lots of wine, food and dance along the river.
Undoubtedly Keramoti is a characteristic example of tradition and authenticity where the modern civilization hasn’t interfered yet and the landscape is in indissoluble association with the place letting the visitor feel the vibes even more intensively.
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