It is a small village located just opposite to Melanes, at a distance of 8km from Chora. It is built up high in the middle of the valley of Melanes. It has luxuriant vegetation and clear running water from the spring of Flerio that supplies the whole wide area. The residents are mostly farmers and moreover the village is known for the plants and flowers that cover all the courtyards and gardens of the local houses.
Entering to the village you will meet an excellent traditional restaurant with delicious dishes and local products. This area is of great archaeological significance as it has the old aqueduct of Flerio, which used to supply Chora with water, as well as the two ancient Kouroi and the old quarries.
Finally, you will meet another important attraction, the Tower of Fragopoulos, which is in good condition and still habitable. Built in 14th century, it is a three-stage tower with courtyard and evident defensive characteristics such as big height, battlements and hot oil shooters.
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