It is about a quite unknown village of Naxos but very interesting and beautiful, though. It belongs to the region of Melanes and it is located between Kourounochori and Melanes. The village is divided into three parts: Pano Miloi, Mesaioi Miloi and Kato Miloi. Following the water’s route from Kourounochori to Miloi you will easily understand the important role that watermills used to play in residents’ life. It is about a route rich in vegetation and full of images that seem quite surprising for a Cycladic island.
Going for a walk into the village you will meet its traditional houses with yards, mitata (low buildings made of stone, located in the fields or in the mountains, now used as storage space) and old traditional kitchens recalling the old times. In Mesaioi Miloi (meaning “middle Miloi”) you will see two-storeyed buildings of a more recent period built next to each other and of an exquisite beauty and absolute respect to the tradition. The visitors will be welcomed by the very few local people who are always willing to open their houses and offer them local dainties. Inside the house you will have the chance to see traditional textiles and furniture decorating the place. Walking on its whitewashed cobbled streets you will reach Pano Miloi (meaning “Upper Miloi”) where you will have the chance to enjoy the luxuriant vegetation and the harmony of the place. The water is also abundant there thanks to the waterfalls and watermills that complete this wonderful natural setting.
In this settlement a remarkable effort to restore the old houses and watermills takes place. It is highly recommended to follow the footpath along the natural route of the water that leads to the old aqueduct of Flerio, a sight of exquisite beauty and long history.
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