At a distance of 8km from the port it is located the village of Potamia. It is one of the most beautiful villages of the island, built in a valley rich in vegetation. It consists of four settlements and it has about 360 permanent residents who mainly deal with agriculture and livestock farming. Its name comes from the rivers that cross the village which compose along with the springs this verdant oasis throughout the year.
It has 14 mills which once used by the locals to produce grains. In Ano Potamia (meaning “Upper Rivers”) there is still one in good condition. During the rule of Franks, the village enjoyed great prosperity which is obvious from the existence of many towers in the area. It is really worth walking on its narrow streets and among plants and trees you will meet the marble spring of “Faraksou”. You can aslo see the Upper Castle and the Kore of Potamia (a female archaic statue). Everywhere you can see little chapels but the most important is the byzantine chapel of Panagia (meaning “Virgin Mary”) built in 11th century. You should also visit the Tower of Kokkos, a building of the 17th century, with interesting signs on the entrances’ lintels. It has a watermill in its basement, as well.
In Ano Potamia next to a spring there is an excellent choice for a break. In a verdant garden full of fruit trees and plants you will have the chance to quench your thirst, have a snack and enjoy the harmony of the place. Of course, local restaurants are ready to offer you delicious snacks, raki, wine and many cheese varieties of excellent quality produced by the locals with devotion to good quality and tradition. They are always friendly and willing to prove their hospitality to the visitors.
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