Since ancient years, civilization was an important part of life for the people of Naxos. In current days, cultural events are in the centre of the life in the island too. Customs and traditions, cultural happenings and exhibitions, traditional cuisine, local feasts with Cycladic music and dance compose the puzzle that is called civilization.

Many festivals take place in the island during summer time. The most popular are ‘’Naxos Festival’’, ‘’Dionysia’’, ‘’Axia Festival’’, ‘’the Festival of the Castle’’, ‘’Days of Kynidaros Dance’’ and ‘’the Music Festival of Danakos’’. Through all these events, local people come closer to their history and tradition and visitors get to know them.

Modern exhibitions of painting, sculpture, photography aim at the acquaintance with the art of today. The exhibitions are hosted at different places around the town of Naxos, as well as in the villages. Anyone interested can be informed either by posters and leaflets or by our web page in the category ‘’Exhibitions’’ or ‘’News’’.

Music and dance are inextricably connected with the cultural life of the island. People of Naxos are full of energy and joviality, which do not hesitate to express at every opportunity. Visitors get the chance to attend traditional dance festivals, feasts and various music events, as well as be witnesses to traditional weddings followed by the ceremonial of the place. For these reasons, Naxos is thought to be the centre of Cyclades in music and dance terms.

Naxos has a rich cultural background and a long folklore tradition. Numerous events and acts take place in the island during all the year. The big number of customs and the fact that the locals keep them alive imply the need of the inhabitants to stay close to their roots and express their feelings and emotions through them.

Naxos is famous for its gastronomy. Its cuisine stands out for the quality and simplicity in tastes. Some of the main products that women cooks of Naxos use are olive oil, fine meat and sea food, different varieties of cheese and an abundance of vegetables and herbs, all fresh and pure. Bereadytotasteeverything!

In the island of Naxos, there are many societies, such as cultural societies or athletic societies, whose role and action are very important. Societies are responsible for keeping the tradition alive. Moreover, they organize events, happenings or athletic games and so, they activate local people. Societies in Naxos cooperate with societies in Athens for the better promotion of their land. 

Traditional feasts are a special part of the everyday life in Naxos. Music, dance, food, wine and endless joy are their basic components. Feasts take place all over the year, but become more during the summer period. Take part in one of them and live unforgettable moments in Naxos!
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