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European Music Day 2013

European Music Day arrived in Naxos in 2011 and it has already become a “must” event in the calendar. It takes place in the pedestrian street of Halki the 20th and 21st of June.

In the light of the Aegean Sea

Following the previous two very successful events, the Federation of Naxian Associations has organized this year, on August 9th, a really special night titled “In the light of the Aegean Sea” (Naxian poets meet the Aegean song).

Axia Festival 2012

The 4th International Music, Art and Literature Festival “Axia” titled “The New Moon Serenade” took place from 10 to 12 August.

2nd Naxian Biathlon

On the 14th of October we should all gather to exercise ourselves on the beach of Plaka. The 2nd Naxian Biathlon is a fact and the organizers are inviting people to participate, as they did last year.

Dancing days in Kinidaros 2012

Always punctual at its appointments the two day dance event at Kinidaros of Naxos presented for the third consecutive year a spectacular event.

Axia festival 2012

The Axia International Festival 2012 is proud to present two special concerts on the atmospheric square of Halki village, Naxos. The programmes will include music from Bach to Bossa Nova and from Villa-Lobos to Jazz with seven artists from Greece, England, Australia, Sweden, Germany and Japan.


In 2012, a crucial year for the country’s economic recovery, we muster up all our energy and zest to present an artistic and educational program that ideally accentuates the cultural identity of the island of Naxos.

Dancing days in Kinidaros Naxou 2012

What makes Kinidaros village special, is the long tradition in dancing and singing. “Has violins that speak, lutes that talk and singers that make the birds remain silent”. All the people who know Kinidaros identify it with dancing and singing. Tradition says that “the children of Kinidaros first learn to dance and then to walk”.


“Dimitria” Naxos in action

One week of exhibitions, speeches, useful advice, tours, events, one week for those who want to get to know all the aspects of Naxos.

Aegean Sunrise

On Tuesday 9th of August in the evening, lots of people gathered in a place of exquisite beauty which is also part of the Byzantine heritage of Naxos.
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